My Sunday nights…


We went to a wonderful night of worship tonight, which was rescheduled from January 1st because of the mountains of snow that have been heaped upon us.  I tried to explain to the boys what this night would be like and I hear a little whiny voice from the back say, “Sounds boring.  And WHY can’t my seat have a butt-warmer?!”  To which I replied, “Because the good people of the Buick company did not like children.  And now they’re out of business.”  And so we head to church with our crapitude in tow…

It was JUST what I needed tonight to recharge myself before the new work week.  I get a little down on Sundays because I know that once Monday morning hits, we’re off and running until Friday night, at which point I about collapse some weeks.  Life is hard.  It is that much harder for the single mom who doesn’t get a break very often.  But there are blessings that come in the form of 2 guys from life group who had me write out my hunny-do list and knocked off the handyman projects one by one.  And the icing on the cake was two new smoke detectors with lights because my pastor didn’t like the looks of the hard-wired ones.  And while it’s very hard for this girl to be on the receiving end, I see it as God providing for us, yet again!

So tonight, instead of dread for the coming hectic schedule and barrage of rotten people I’ll have to deal with, I will choose to focus on the blessings of this weekend.

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