The CrAzY Cycle

My posts will be a little sporadic as I approach another hearing with Friend of the Court on March 14.  This was postponed from January 13, which was postponed from September 6, which was postponed from June, which was pushed back from April after a hearing in February of 2013 where I let the court know my ex-husband tried to drive with my children while severely intoxicated, yet again.  (during a winter storm warning, no less!)  Court is the gift that keeps on giving.  The more I post, the more you will hear me preach about putting your big-girl pants on and mediate the heck out of your divorce!  Do NOT play in the courts/lawyers sandbox if at all possible!  I, unfortunately do not have this luxury as there is a third party driving this process and drugs and alcohol are a factor.  When dealing with an addict, you may as well be negotiating with a toddler.  But if you have two relatively sane, although wounded, adults who both love their children dearly, you should be able to negotiate and realize that nobody will EVER win in these situations.  (least of all the children)

So my feathers were ruffled again today upon learning the boys’ child support was lowered by $500/month…with no judges orders!!! and an upcoming hearing on this lumped in with the other issues.  Not that we’ve received any child support since October anyway.  But FOC made it retroactive to November, lowering his arrearage so that my ex-husband has no consequences right now.  Lovely. 

I just saw an upcoming movie trailer for “God’s Not Dead” and an amazing calm came over me tonight.  GOD. HAS. GOT. THIS!  Why are these unscrupulous people shocking me with the same behavior that they’ve shown over the last five years?  Why would I expect anything more out of the people who’ve made a mockery out of the justice system, keeping the real issues away from the judges and not protecting the kids?  HE will take care of us just as He has done for the last five years!  He hasn’t let us drown yet!  I want my faith to rise up again to where it once was and put my hope in Him!  Going up against things that seem insurmountable and facing jail for protecting my children seems like it’s just too much.  But it’s not for Him!  It’s not.  For Him.


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