Monthly Archives: March 2014

Recovering from Court

It has been a very difficult few days. Reliving the abuse by questioning my ex-husband on the stand regarding the abuse to get it on record was so difficult. Watching him blatantly lie on the stand and have people watch it and do nothing – almost cheering him on – is a very helpless feeling. It usually takes a day or two to recover but I am still physically drained. I was so fortunate to have the love and support that I had with me – about a dozen people came with me and many more were there in spirit. Thank you to everyone who helped us get through this day! Please continue to pray for the boys and for me. It feels like this will never, ever end.


This is my life…

This is my life…

Please listen.  If not the whole thing, just 10:55 – 12:05…this is our life.  It doesn’t end with the divorce.  Many wish I’d just shut up and move on.  But this…this is my life.