Support Feminism? Not this momma…

As a woman, I’m all for equal rights and especially equal pay for equal work. I’m also all for any girl becoming anything she wants outside of traditional roles – if it’s something she’s good at.  But I’m also all for embracing traditional gender roles if you so choose. Finding a chivalrous man in the current dating cesspool is extremely sexy to me and sure to get you a second date.

I have winced on many occasions at some of the feminist posts and videos. It leaves me wondering what it must feel like as a guy to hear such things. My boys are learning to open doors for their mom and others, giving their seat to an older person while in waiting rooms, schlep heavy groceries, move furniture, and even on special occasions help mom with her coat.  Call me old fashioned but I want to raise respectful and chivalrous men. So does this mom…

5 responses to “Support Feminism? Not this momma…

  • Asariels Muse

    Like most movements feminism has many faces. I don’t jump on any bandwagons. I take what I like from each movement apply logic and let everyone else believe what they wish.

  • mummzydearest

    Feminism doesn’t equate the death of chivalry…this is what we call a causation fallacy…

    • gracefulMESS

      There’s a fine line between “Don’t treat me like I can’t do this” and “Thank you for the courtesy of opening the door for me.” I think some of the messages the groups this blogger is referencing cross this line into making men/boys feel shame for being chivalrous.

      • mummzydearest

        Just saying chivalry should be a human courtesy, not defined by gender. Our girls and boys should open the door for people, but shouldn’t be a segregated message to boys. That’s the premise of a (moderate) feminist’s argument.

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