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The State Of Michigan Has A Dirty Little Secret. It is called Child Protection Services

This is long and difficult to read in one sitting but this exactly describes the state of our Child Protective Services in Michigan and across the country. I believe that Ottawa County is one of the worst based on being put through the ringer by their family court/Friend of the Court. We need to step in and hold these horrible child abusers accountable!

They Will Be Heard


Many citizens in our great State of Michigan are unaware of Michigan’s dirty little secret that falls under the guise of the Child Abuse and Child Welfare Protection Laws. The advertisements and literature surrounding this area seem to be doing a magnificent thing for the children of our state. We have been led to believe that the State of Michigan is saving thousands of children from severe physical abuse and neglect. This is far from the truth. The truth is that this campaign is a giant money machine fueled by abuse of power of supervisors and case service workers employed by the Michigan Department of Family Independence Agency and private agencies that have contracted with FIA that we the taxpayers are paying dearly for through our hard-earned tax dollars. Basically, it is “make work by creating a case and keep your job or contract with the state…

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