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What a beautiful message for all of us in our gracefulMesses!


So this happened today…

So we moved about 2 1/2 years ago about an hour away from my hometown to marry the man I loved.  While, in hindsight, there were red flags that I chose to ignore, I loved this man with all of my heart, more so than anything I’d ever felt for my ex-husband.  He moved us here, called my boys his kids, said he loved us and offered me the world.  I was his “miracle”, he said, our second chance at a happy life together.  Anyone who’s been through a divorce knows that there’s a period of crazy that you will go through and nothing but time will cure “the shiz” as I call it.  Well, this man was NOT through his shiz no matter how much I wanted to believe that he was.  I also had some of my shiz dredged up when losing my home and moving, picking at old scabs and starting the bleeding again.  Each time the scab gets picked, you learn better how to control the bleeding but for the first year, you just need a lot of grace.

After we were here about 2 months, he began to wig out about really small things.  His anxiety levels were so much higher than I had seen from an hour away.  Living around the corner from him and spending more time together as a family, I could see the red flags more and more.  And now, I’ve moved my boys to a new school and they are developing new friends, full of hope of having a complete family unit with new siblings they adored.  What now?

In the meantime, my van was on it’s last leg.  I had been making jokes for months about how I was going to pick out a lovely tree for it’s ultimate demise if I couldn’t make it last until my taxes came back in the spring.  Funny, right?  Well, not so much when a deer ran in front of me, grazed my hood and took off into the marshy woods on a foggy morning.  I felt the wheels beneath me rise up and prepared for the roll.  But there was a small tree that I grazed the passenger side that miraculously put the tires back on the ground.  The guy who saw it happen stopped and helped call for help.  I do not remember shaking so much in my life.  He called my love for me since I couldn’t seem to function.  My love sent his mother instead.  A few short days later, after acting strangely, he decided to go to the crash site with his son and had come to the conclusion that I had crashed my van on purpose.  Nevermind the blood on the hood of the van from the deer and that the police and insurance adjuster found no fraud.  This would change how he felt about me as a person, I was told, and he needed time to himself.

We were devastated.  But, I put on my best gracefulMess smile, changed my relationship status on FB, and tried to keep us together.  The boys were sobbing, and I mean SOBBING, every day.  Watching their pain was worse than losing my love.  We went back and forth for a couple of months, getting back together, breaking up…until I finally couldn’t take it anymore.  I began working full time for the first time in 10 years and also going to school 2 nights a week with about 10 more hours of homework.  I took all of this on because he had committed to helping me.  But now, my boys were reeling and I was getting sicker by the day.  I knew I was exhausted but who wouldn’t be with all of this going on.  I just kept putting one foot in front of the other.  My period lasted for 7 weeks straight with very heavy hemorrhaging and I became severely anemic.  According to livestrong.com, a normal hemoglobin level for a non-pregnant adult woman is between 12.1 and 15.1 g/dL…mine was at 6.1.  In an adult, a normal blood iron level is 60 to 170 mcg/dl. On average, women have slightly lower iron levels…however, mine was 8!  Red and white blood counts were crazy off the charts.  I was passing out 1-2 times per day, jaundiced and almost transparent pale, and was hospitalized for two days.  (A special thanks to my bestie who came and cleaned my house quickly because she knew my mom was coming to take care of the boys and would FREAK at the mess in my condo!  My mom still cleaned when she got here!)  Thankfully the transfusions worked eventually, but not before a barrage of tests, including for lupus and MS.  Thankfully, I’ve learned to control all of the things that got me into such a terrible state and I’m much healthier and stronger now.

During this time, this man never checked on me, never checked on the boys, and never even said goodbye.  He offered no explanation to his family or our church lifegroup other than, “they’re busy and can’t make it today.”  When a few of his family members found out, they tried to talk to him but he said he wouldn’t talk about it.  They had been asking him to get help for years but he refused.  When I questioned him, he offered no reasons why other than, “I want to be alone!  I have free will and I’m choosing sin!”…as I was reading his newly renewed match.com profile.

A few short months later, he began dating another woman.  She has two little redhead boys and drives the same kind of car as I do (the one I replaced the van I apparently crashed on-purpose with).  She happens to go to my sister-in-law’s church in a town about 45 minutes from here…such irony.  I heard he was getting married and thought maybe he already had until this morning…

This morning, we went to both services at church because we were on for kids worship both services.  While taking my time between services, his mother came up to me and asked if I remembered her. (I didn’t know that she began attending my church!)  Of course, I told her, letting her know that I was doing well and updated her on some of the things in my life.  She said that her son is getting married today.  Today!  On the anniversary of my divorce!  Fantastic.  She went on to give details of how she will help get his kids (the kids I loved and thought would be my own) to the church and other details I really didn’t care to know.

With my gracefulMess smile on my face, I politely listened as if it didn’t hurt my heart all over again.  Looking at the faces of my boys as they recognized her and then heard her tell of his wedding, I could see their pain begin to resurface.  We had a good boo-hoo session when we got home and talked through our hurts.  Today has picked at a scab that I thought had scarred over.  It had not.  So I bleed a little bit again today, but I will not allow it to last very long.  Instead I will let the bleeding spill through my fingers onto the keyboard and tell a little more of my story while he gets married this afternoon.  This, in hopes that my story can somehow encourage another.  Though your heart may be broken, you will heal.  There will be setbacks.  There will be crazy.  There will be more shiz to work through.  But the Lord, He loves us and has never let us go.  I don’t think he’s gonna stop today.


My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever
. Psalm 73:26



It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get my thoughts together here. And for those who’ve prayed for us, I will write about our hearing soon. It’s been a couple of weeks of just trying to heal from the fear of possible jail time. Each time I go back to court, you’d think it would get easier. It doesn’t. I should have some kind of honorary law degree by now. Maybe another girl scout badge at the very least!

I’m beginning to resurface and in many ways, I feel like a completely new person. I’ve allowed myself to dream again and to look at a completely different path for us. There are a few dreams that I should know better than to allow myself to have right now. And for that, I will try not to beat myself up for right now. We’ll focus on the One who has brought us this far! I’m now strong enough to run again…well, we’ll use that term loosely as I still struggle with the sludge-in-my-veins anemia issue. But I’m moving forward and getting artsy again. I think we just might be seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. And this…this makes me smile!

Motive for family court systems

Motive for family court systems

If the Friend if the Court can stir up enough dissension in an already broken family, they use it as an excuse to take the children away. And with the only law being “the best interest of the children” that leaves a lot open for interpretation….and virtually nobody overseeing what’s going on in the courtrooms and behind the scenes. Click on the link above to see how it works.

pinterMess gracefulMess

pinterMess gracefulMess What I wouldn’t give for a pedi! Making the best of my low budget, I tried my listerine/vinegar DIY pedi. And while my feet feel soft as a baby’s bottom and smell minty fresh, I had a little trouble with the painting of the toes. You’d think as an artist, I wouldn’t make such a pinterMess!

Wait til you see what the Ottawa County FOC’s been up to…

I am entering, yet again, into another court date on June the 9th.  I have said since last fall that the FOC is going to push this out until the summer and then throw me in jail so that they can justify it without taking my kids out of school.  Guess what June 9 is… Yup!  My kids’ last day of school.  We have more false claims of denial by my ex-husband, who has not paid a dime of support since the last hearing and the FOC has chosen to come after me for not paying $100 for the drug test they helped him fake with no documentation or receipts. (It was paid last week – and I recorded the t  He is approximately $14,000 behind in support but they lowered and backdated his support obligations based not on facts or laws but on the numbers my ex has provided them with.  They have swept $6000 of back childcare under the rug and flat out ignored my receipts for the last two years.  I have filed the motions they’ve said to file, and listened to their lies, watch them change their “policies” with no written documentation, paid for “mediators” who turn out to be FOC lawyers going to bat for Father’s Rights Groups and have come to the conclusion that this is just the FOC allowing my ex-husband to continue his domestic abuse through their system.

They are also holding me in contempt of court for another denial of parenting time – 45 minutes! When my ex-husband refused to get out of the car and show me he was sober…which is his court order to prove sobriety before and during his parenting time.

This last round began in Winter 2013 when I stopped my ex from drinking and driving with my children.  Instead of being applauded for stopping child abuse (see links below), I have been berated, yelled at by an FOC “parent coordinator”, coerced into a voluntary psychological evaluation which I passed with flying colors (a favorite tactic of the Father’s Rights groups) and harassed repeatedly.



I am now posting the transcripts of my hearing that was sent to me by the court transcriptionist to back my claims and make them public.  These are a matter of public record and anyone can obtain a transcript of these hearings.  I’m posting them unaltered because I believe that as tax-payers, you should be aware of what is going on and because I need your support.  I am only one mom, who refuses to be abused and intimidated any longer.  This has gone on for almost five and a half years and I’m tired of the games and lies.  This is my life and the lives of my children they are playing with.  Over this next week, I’ll be posting my documentation so that you can see for yourselves what my children and I have endured.

I am posting a screenshot of my email inbox showing the attached transcripts and how many MB the document is so you can see the only alteration I have made are to remove any personal addresses – for the safety of my family and my ex-husband. And then I’m attaching the actual document of the transcripts that were sent to me. It’s a long read as we were there all day covering 5 different motions.  (they pushed back all of my motions with denials of rulings and postponements.)

This hearing was actually 5 hearings in one. The court refused to rule on January 13, 2014 regarding my ex-husband not taking his drug test as ordered on September 6, 2013 and for not paying child support.  I begged the judge for a ruling on the child support as he hadn’t paid anything since October and I didn’t know what we would do for another 2 months with no money.  His response to me was, “If I ruled today, I would have to put him in jail.  Is that what you want?!”  My response back was, “No.  I just need him to pay his support.”

Please pm me with your thoughts and if you’re able to support us in this fight.

Click here for transcripts fischerf3.14


gracefulMess Community College

gracefulMess Community College

Today was my first day back to school…again. I was absolutely giddy! It was a gorgeous summer day, our first after the long, dark-night-of-the-soul, polar vortex, never-ending winter of doom and it felt so good! Not just the warmth on my face but on my soul. To be taking control of my future again, albeit on shaky ground and on blind faith, after getting waylaid by health issues and a broken heart two years ago, gave me a new hope that I haven’t felt in a long time. Although I may still go to jail next month (thanks to the court jesters and my ex-husband), I’m stepping towards a bright and sunny new future with less stress and more art. Bring on some more gracefulMess!