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Brandi is arrested for homeschooling (child neglect) while Masyn is traumatized and forced to go with his abuser again

Handing Masyn over to his abusers and getting arrested for homeschooling

Tonight Brandi was arrested again. This time for child neglect of her daughter. She was in the gifted program and Brandi taught her how to read before Kindergarten. But since the abuse and stalking began with Masyn’s abusive father, her daughter does not feel safe. He’s stalked her at the bus stop and before and after school. He has physically abused her and verbally and emotionally as well. The school was notified that it was a problem and her daughter was terrified to go to school.

In February, Brandi notified Oakwood Intermediate Elementary School in Allendale that she would be homeschooling her daughter. The secretary asked if she would hold off until after count day. (the day that they count the students to get the money from the state per pupil) Since then, she’s been homeschooling her with the help of an experienced teacher and her mother is also helping with her reading and her daughter is feeling safer and more secure. She has a math curriculum, science and social studies projects and reading and she is thriving in her education once again!

Without following their own truency process http://www.oaisd.org/…/specialnee…/programsservices/truancy/ Brandi has now been charged with CHILD NEGLECT! They are now coming after her daughter! FOR PROTECTING HER AND FOR HOMESCHOOLING HER CHILD!!! It is illegal for them to arrest her for homeschooling her child! They arranged her arrest tonight before Masyn was set to go to Richard’s for 5 days straight during the exchange. She has a hearing on APRIL 12 and I’m asking you to come to the hearing and stand up for these children. Can you afford a vacation day to possibly save the lives of two children??? Can you make arrangements to come see for yourselves what is really happening? PLEASE HELP THIS FAMILY AND STEP IN AND TELL THEM NO MORE ABUSE!!!

The following is the video of tonight. Masyn is TERRIFIED to go with his father again. He pleads with her “Need Mama!” and “Never again!” He wakes up all night long with night terrors and is displaying more signs of abuse. The father is now training him to say things like “Mama hit me” and that her sister and grandma hit him so that they can video this for court. I don’t understand how a police officer can watch this and then take the protective mother and arrest her in front of her children. Please SHARE THIS VIDEO! Watch the other videos I’ve posted and made public. Help this family, please!

Handing Masyn over to his abusers and getting arrested for homeschooling

Update on Brandi…CPS creating false report and Judge Kent Engle talking to witnesses at Center for Women in Transition

Brandi heads to court again Wednesday, January 4, 2017 @ 1:30pm.  This is despite the fact she has filed a motion for Judge Kent Engle to be removed from her case for not following the law, nor the Judicial Code of Conduct.  His hearing is on January 16, 2017 and HE IS THE JUDGE WHO WILL HEAR HIS OWN CASE!

Please be in prayer for this family and that Ottawa County Family Court will be forced to follow the law!

Brandi’s story, in her own words…

This is Brandi’s story. For those of you who are sensitive to language, there are a couple uses of profanity in retelling of the events. When you’ve been abused, and especially when you have to go back to that place to recall the trauma, it’s not pretty. I wish we could wrap it up in a shiny bow but that is not the reality of a battered mother’s life.

Please share this video and pray for this family. While you are praying, ask God where you fit into her story and how He would like you to help.