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Update on Brandi…CPS creating false report and Judge Kent Engle talking to witnesses at Center for Women in Transition

Brandi heads to court again Wednesday, January 4, 2017 @ 1:30pm.  This is despite the fact she has filed a motion for Judge Kent Engle to be removed from her case for not following the law, nor the Judicial Code of Conduct.  His hearing is on January 16, 2017 and HE IS THE JUDGE WHO WILL HEAR HIS OWN CASE!

Please be in prayer for this family and that Ottawa County Family Court will be forced to follow the law!

Brandi’s story, in her own words…

This is Brandi’s story. For those of you who are sensitive to language, there are a couple uses of profanity in retelling of the events. When you’ve been abused, and especially when you have to go back to that place to recall the trauma, it’s not pretty. I wish we could wrap it up in a shiny bow but that is not the reality of a battered mother’s life.

Please share this video and pray for this family. While you are praying, ask God where you fit into her story and how He would like you to help.


Judge Kent Engle ignores Judicial Code of Conduct

I stopped my ex-husband from drinking and driving with my children during a winter storm warning. He then filed parenting time denial complaints and an investigation was launched. I was coerced by FOC into a psychological evaluation in exchange for a drug test that was already ordered by a magistrate. (which I passed no problem as I knew I would) He ordered this hair follicle drug test to be done at Holland Hospital on September 6, 2013 and results were not given to me until January 2014. The test was seemingly falsified and accepted as evidence by Judge Engle, providing no drug levels/percentages in the supposed results and my ex’s name appeared nowhere on the document.
The children’s father lives with a woman who lost custody in two separate cases of her own four children due to felony child neglect, yet my children have been required to go to their home.
Engle signed subpoenas but did not hold my ex-husband in contempt for not producing his financial records. Later it was found in court documents that Judge Engle accepted an extra $5,000 more than what he said on the record that my ex-husband paid during the court break. Judge Engle also lowered child support so my ex-husband could start his own business, which is not a reason allowable by the law. My ex-husband now only pays sporadically, if at all, after purchasing a home, remodeling it and buying new furniture.
The Judicial Code of Conduct Canon 3A.(5) says “A judge should dispose promptly of the business of the court.” I finally had a hearing, which was actually several hearings that were pushed back repeatedly combined into an excruciating day-long hearing, 13 months after my ex-husband attempted drinking and driving with the children. Even though I had evidence of child abuse, I was still given 4 days of jail time suspended for denying parenting time.
A transcript of my hearing can be found at https://thisgracefulmess.wordpress.com/2014/05/25/wait-til-you-see-what-the-ottawa-county-focs-been-up-to/ There’s so much more to my story but it’s taken quite a while to recover from the trauma of Engle threatening me with going to jail or losing my kids for years. He needs to be removed and replaced by writing in Robert Mol who will put the children first!

Press Release from Battered Mothers Campaigning Against Judge Kent Engle

***This Press Release  went out to all the major news outlets in Michigan this past November. Robert Mol was a write-in candidate and long-shot to beat this incumbent, corrupt judge because people just didn’t know about him. The news outlets largely ignores this but we will be persistent until the media covers this!  Please share this in support of helping those of us who have suffered at the hands of Judge Engle and others in Ottawa County Family Court.***

Nov. 3, 2016
Contact: Gina Fischer


Domestic violence survivors file Judicial Tenure Commission complaints against Judge Kent Engle
Group of women endorse write-in candidate Robert Mol

(OTTAWA COUNTY, Mich.) – A group of several women have filed or are in the process of filing Judicial Tenure Commission complaints against Judge Kent Engle.

These protective parents have evidence that Engle has not followed Michigan child abuse and custody laws, putting children and their mothers in harms’ way. These women have been working with a non-profit organization called Wings for Justice (www.wingsforjustice.com) and are beginning to share their stories publicly in order to help others who are suffering through the same injustices.

There is evidence that Judge Engle has accepted $5,000 from an abusive father, has said on the record that he doesn’t need to follow contract law, has thrown out evidence of domestic violence and put children back in the homes of documented violent abusers. These children and domestic violence survivors need to be protected by the law and not violated further with the help of Judge Engle.

The women are endorsing write-in challenger Robert Mol in the Nov. 8 election. Upon meeting Mol, these women can see that he understands firsthand Engle’s misconduct and wants to bring change and restore law and order by putting the best interests of children first.

“Judge Engle needs to be held accountable for not following the law and endangering our children,” said Gina Fischer, of Portage, formerly of West Olive. “Throwing out evidence from police and doctor’s reports of domestic violence and sending children into an abusive situation is against the law. Robert Mol cares for children and understands the laws that are supposed to govern family court.”

The group includes:

• Gina Fischer, of Portage, formerly of West Olive, tried to stop her ex-husband from drinking and driving with her children during a winter storm warning. He then filed parenting time denial complaints and an investigation was launched. A drug test was falsified and accepted as evidence by Judge Engle. The children’s father lives with a woman who lost custody in two separate cases of her own four children due to felony child neglect, yet Gina’s children are still required to go to their home. Engle signed subpoenas but did not hold her ex-husband in contempt for not producing his financial records. Later it was found in court documents that the Judge Engle accepted an extra $5,000 more than what he said on the record that her ex-husband paid. Judge Engle also lowered child support so her ex-husband could start his own business, which is not allowable by the law. Gina’s ex-husband now only pays sporadically, if at all.

• Wendi Miller, of California, formerly of Holland, was wrongfully jailed for 90 days for protecting her daughter after being sexually abused by her father. The forensic evidence of the abuse was quashed by the court and her children were given to their abuser for the last six years, only seeing their mother two days each month. Her case was sealed to the public. Judge Engle previously recused himself from her case because he knows her personally. In June 2016, after Wendi went public with her story, Engle put himself back on her case and indicated he will have her arrested for $1,200 of back child support, even though she had recently lost her job. Engle refuses to allow her case to leave Michigan even though Michigan has no legal jurisdiction over the case because neither parent lives here anymore. Because of this, Wendi can’t bring a motion before the court in Michigan to get her kids back because Michigan has lost jurisdiction over the case. However, Engle illegally refuses to let the case be moved to the states that would have jurisdiction over it – California and Colorado, where the children and parents reside.

• Lana Baar, of Jenison, lost her children when Judge Engle signed an ex parte order to remove her children to give extended parenting time with her abusive ex-husband while her judge was on vacation. She had a PPO against him and stacks of medical reports from DeVos Children’s Hospital and Pine Rest detailing the abuse that her children had suffered at the hands of their father. In order to remove a child without a hearing, strict criteria must be met, none of which was followed before removing her children from a loving mother. The children have been in this abusive situation for over a year now with no plan for reunification put in place.

• Ann Maguire, of Holland, was wrongfully jailed for 10 days when her 15 and 17 year old children refused to ride in their father’s car to parenting time. They insisted on driving themselves because of their father’s violent and suicidal history as detailed in 10 police reports and 4 PPO’s. The father then lost parenting rights after admitting to the violence on the stand during a custody hearing. Since Engle has taken over her case in 2015, she has been brought back to court approximately 15 times in the last year by her wealthy ex-husband to remove spousal support after a 29 year marriage where she put him through medical school. Judge Engle has fined her and made her pay for services that were contracted by the court, saying that he doesn’t have to follow contract law. He admits on the record to talking about her case with her brother, Judge Jon VanAllsburg, who has been estranged from Ann and his other siblings for years.

• Brandi Walker, of Allendale, has been receiving help from the Center for Women in Transition for over two years after being attacked while pregnant by her boyfriend. She lived in hiding for four months and is still receiving help from CWIT because she is threatened each time she sees her abuser and is stalked at her home and her place of employment. She has close to 1000 photos of bruises and marks on her baby and herself, some taken by an Ottawa County Deputy, doctors’ reports, police reports, and has had personal protection orders against her abuser. Despite all of this evidence, Judge Engle has said she failed to prove he abused her and her son. Just this month, he has ordered a Friend of the Court investigation including psychological testing against the mother and ordered her to pay for this investigation.

Ann Maguire filed her JTC complaint this week, and it is attached below. The others are in the process of filing complaints. All of these women are willing to share all of their documentation with reporters who are interested in reporting the truth about Judge Engle.

Battered mother helped by CWIT but not by Judge Kent Engle

This is from Brandi this fall who helped campaign for a new judge in Ottawa County, Mighigan… another battered mother, further abused by Judge Engle and Ottawa County Friend of the Court:
I’m urging voters to write in Robert Mol for judge to replace Judge Kent Engle on November 8. In 2014 my ex-boyfriend became violent with me when I was pregnant and threatened to kill me. Three weeks after my son was born, my ex-boyfriend was violent again while I was holding my newborn. I was granted a Personal Protection Order the next day.
A CPS case worker, Connie Velero, told me if I went back to him, she would take both of my children away because he was so dangerous. In the last three years, dozens of police and doctors reports with photographs taken by Ottawa County deputies of the abuse that we have suffered. My baby came back from his father’s with a black eye at 9 months old. The doctor from DeVos Children’s Hospital said my son’s injuries were not consistent with the father’s story of playing on the carpet.
My ex-boyfriend continued stalking and threatening me so I spent the next four months in hiding with Center for Women in Transition after meeting all of their strict criteria to verify abuse. CWIT is still helping me because of his ongoing stalking and threats.
I have been brought back to court repeatedly for denials of parenting time for protecting my son according to Michigan Child Abuse laws. Regardless of the doctors reports, police reports and time with CWIT, Judge Engle says that’s not enough to prove domestic violence. I’ve filed repeated motions and Judge Engle denies them. He is now forcing me into an investigation with Friend of the Court which I will have to pay for. I do not drink or do drugs, my daughter is in the gifted and talented program at school, I had a good job and a happy life and no legal issues before getting involved with this abusive man.
Judge Engle doesn’t care about my children and he is not protecting us after three years of constant abuse and harassment. He is not following child abuse laws and allows my ex to object to my motions filed but throws my objections out. I cannot afford a lawyer as three previous lawyers I hired all stated Ottawa County is a father’s rights county and I will never win in their court.
Please vote for Robert Mol to break up this very corrupt family court starting with voting Judge Engle out. Robert cares about the best interest of the children and will follow the law in every case.

Support Feminism? Not this momma…

As a woman, I’m all for equal rights and especially equal pay for equal work. I’m also all for any girl becoming anything she wants outside of traditional roles – if it’s something she’s good at.  But I’m also all for embracing traditional gender roles if you so choose. Finding a chivalrous man in the current dating cesspool is extremely sexy to me and sure to get you a second date.

I have winced on many occasions at some of the feminist posts and videos. It leaves me wondering what it must feel like as a guy to hear such things. My boys are learning to open doors for their mom and others, giving their seat to an older person while in waiting rooms, schlep heavy groceries, move furniture, and even on special occasions help mom with her coat.  Call me old fashioned but I want to raise respectful and chivalrous men. So does this mom…


This $#!+ is HARD!

There are some days that are more difficult than others.  For some reason, I woke up today and the burdens of my world felt so much heavier than normal.  And I read this and saw someone’s “Me too!”  There is this mentality towards single parents sometimes of “you made your bed, now lie in it.”  Not by everyone but a lot.  Life is hard for everyone but the lonliness on top of the burdens of life can really wear on a girl.  I hope you are as encouraged by this as I was.  Go hug a single parent today!


Namaste, Beeotch!

This morning, I attempted to start my day centered.  As I pried myself from my warm and toasty sack, I was determined to not let stress take over.  Turn on the news…Nope!  Turn off the news.  Ebola freakings are not centering.  Ahhhh.  Alarm for 5 minute warning of Hooligan’s bus…not centering.  Out! Out! Out!  Love you, bye!  One kid sent out the door.  Ahhhh.  Lay down for a few minutes before rousing Shenanigan and his morning litany of scientific questions fired at me at the same rate as rounds from an ouzie.  I love that he thinks I know the answers to all of these things and I’m sure one day he may be peeved when he finds out most of my answers are made up.  Not staying centered.  Breathe in. Breathe out.  I shall do yoga as soon as he leaves!  This will cause some major centering.  Wait.  Why isn’t he up yet?  Is he still too sick that he will be here all day long uncentering me?  Get up, Shenanigan.  GET UP, Shenanigan.  GET UP!!!!  Good.  He looks fine.  Here.  Have some zija, let me douse you with essential oils, here’s your shakeology protein shake (please don’t tell him I threw a handful of spinach in there!  He can’t tell if he doesn’t see it going in the vitamix!)  That oughta do it.  5 minute bus warning alarm…5 minutes to centering.  Oh wait.  He forgot the <whydidntyoupackitlastnight> book upstairs and the <whocaresgetonthebus> item he wants to share with the teacher…there goes the bus.  And…carline.  Definitely losing control of this centered morning plan of mine. <heavy sigh>

When I get home, I will gather the growing laundry summit and take it to the laundromat.  Dumb washer not washing anyway.  Then I’ll get centered. <waittilafterschoolsoyouhavemorehandstoschelplaundry>  I’ll diffuse some frankincense to help me get centered.  Crap.  My new diffuser is not diffusing.  Still have the box.  Let’s get this wrapped up and ready to send back.  Put frankinsense on my wrists and inhale. <thisfrankinsenseworkedforbabyJesusitwillworkformetoo>  Almost time to get centered.  Find free yoga site.  Yes.  I’ll take the 19 minute 52 second version today as my tookus still hurts from my first <again> run Saturday.  Ahhhh.  Namaste.  Reaching up, breathe in.  Hands to prayer, exhale out.  <whatisnamasteanyway>  Pause.  Look up namaste.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 9.37.05 AM

<whatisnamaskar> Look up namaskar.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 9.37.28 AM

Indian? <ihateindia>  Am I doing some crazy Indian ritual and unknowingly praying to Indian gods like a church lady told me 10 years ago? Am I hurting God’s feelings doing yoga?  Maybe I should get centered another way.  <iknewsomeonewhowenttoindiaandhewentofftherails>  See?  Yoga is Indian and India is bad! I should go back to bed. <itprobablywasntindiasfault>  The Indian people ARE really cute in their Kurtas and Saris.  They probably aren’t all bad.  And I know the God I pray to and He centers me.  <maybethatswhoyoushouldfocuson>  Play.  Namaste.  Inhale in.  Exhale out.  I’ll get to my art history paper after this plank…kerplunk.  <planksaredumb>  And then 3 online quizzes after paper.  Warrior Pose. <illmakethosequizzesmybeeotch>  Is it time for baby pose yet?  Inhale in.  Exhale out.  Corpse pose.  <irockthispose>  One more time.  Inhale in.  Exhale out.  Namaste.  Namaste beeotch!  Centered…ish.

Cheers to school!

T’was the night before school
when all through the town
the parents were cheering
a riotous sound!!

Their backpacks are stuffed
At the door with care
In hopes that a bus
Would soon pass by there!

The children are pissed,
Shuffled early to bed
Parents almost giddy
Celebratory wine goes to their head.

Come morning, the cherubs
to school they will go
Moms shuttle while cursing
Through carlines to and fro

On practice, on youth group
Pack lunches, carpool friends
Then mommies will wonder
“Why must summer end?!”



The More Things Change, The More Things Stay The Same

Recently, I reconnected with someone from many years ago who was a very significant part of my life.  We reminisced and talked for hours upon hours about the dreams and experiences we had back then.  It was so devastating to lose this person that I moved across the country to run away from the pain and try to live a different life.  I was scared and made decisions based on what other people expected of me, probably missing out on what my life should’ve been.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 12.18.39 PM

Fast forward 24 years and I did the SAME. EXACT. THING…minus the 3000 mile physical journey.  I was anxious and scared and bolted because I could only see what was best for everyone else.  And again, I question whether I will miss out, yet again, on what my life could really be.  I’m left with the knowledge of how I hurt people by giving in to my fears and that is a horrible, gut-wrenching feeling!

I somehow thought I had picked up my anxiety issues through the process of my divorce.  But this recent experience has shown me that I’ve always had it, maybe not to the extreme it has become at times for me now.  I recognize it quicker than before and am learning how to work through each situation that comes my way, hopefully more efficiently than in the past.  I’m trying to embrace these fears, kick them right in the cajones and move in the direction of who I was meant to be.  Easier said than done…